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Once Upon A Time…A blog post for my MOM!

Once upon a time…

1. Listening to The Lion King on audio tape in the mini van while Mom ran errands was the highlight of my day.

2. My biggest material desire was to have a small rocking chair just like the one Mom used when she rocked my baby brother, Ethan.

3. Rainy days were the best! Rain meant we got to have “picnics” on the living room floor with pizza AND Coke!

4. Ethan and I could entertain ourselves for hours by “painting” our brick house with old brushes and buckets of water.

5. The climbing tree (Bradford Pear) out front held the coolest fort that two kids ever built!

6. We knew every neighbor on our cul-de-sac…And took each of them homemade reindeer and Santa Claus cookies at Christmas.

7. I would try to touch the sky with my feet from the swingset in the backyard! I loved that thing, and I can remember swinging many evenings around sunset right up until Mom called me in for dinner.

8. My beanie babies were the most educated stuffed animals in the whole state. No, probably in the whole world! They (along with my brother Ethan) were my captive pupils, forced to learn all kinds of things about the world around us. Mom even bought me a whiteboard and Expo markers to enhance their education even more.

9. The Easter bunny never neglected to bring me a big basket of candy and other treats! He usually even threw in some jewelry, books and movies. And you can’t forget Peeps! :]

10. Back-to-school shopping might as well have been a federal holiday. Nothing beat poring over the shelves at Staples or Office Depot and picking out all of the necessary school supplies for a new year. We got to pick our own binders, pencils and pens, and we also got to go to the Mall for all sorts of clothes too!

As I am getting ready to go back to school to start my Senior Year of college next week, I can’t help remembering some of the fun times that are long gone now. This year, there will be no big back-to-school shopping trip. I pick out my own school supplies now and pay for them with my own money that I work hard for! Somewhere along the way, I realized the cutesy erasers shaped like palm trees and sunshines don’t really work and really aren’t necessary. Everything is digital now, anyway. And no, I don’t really need 15 matching binders. Sometimes it sure is fun to remember times gone-by though…

Ethan’s Birthday!

Momma and I

Ethan and I in the early ’90s

The Fourth of July

One of my “dress up” birthday parties

Ethan on Halloween

Just me!

Looking back through old picture albums as I am boxing up the remnants of my childhood bedroom, gives me proof that people come and go throughout our lives..Things change sometimes. And that’s OK. Change is a necessary part of life and growing up. During my 21 years of life, I have learned that friends enter and leave our lives like the tide ebbs and flows in the ocean. Only a select handful will actually stick around for the long haul. Those few select individuals are the ones to cherish and never let go.

Accepting that change is an integral part of life isn’t always easy. Sometimes change is really, really hard, such as when families break up, and people decide to go their separate ways. Suddenly, any semblance of a safety net is gone and you may be left to stumble around alone  for a while until you find the strength inside yourself to achieve sure footing again. But, the important part is realizing that that’s OK too. Even though the road sometimes diverges far from where we thought the path would lead, it is comforting to me to know that God has a reason for every necessary change in our lives. He is our guiding force and stronghold no matter what challenges we come up against.

It really is all about Letting Go and Letting God. Sometimes He points the way to a new path — one that is better than we could have ever imagined. My path just happened to lead me to Luke! (Something I never would have imagined at 5 years old, or 10 or even 18, but now I could not imagine my life without him.) God brought us together in His perfect timing, and my life has been changed for the better ever since. I am also eternally grateful for the loving mother that God saw fit to bring into my life. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my mother strived to give me the best childhood she possibly could and that she loves me more than I could ever know. 21 years later, I know that she is still there for me whenever I need her (proving that while some things change, some things DO stay the same.)  Counting the blessings in life and focusing on the positive aspects of change is key, I think.

It seems that all we have the power to do as mere humans is to focus on the present. These are the days that we must make count, because what has passed is gone and what lies ahead is not guaranteed. So, it is up to us to make today the best that we possibly can, and know that someday, we will be looking back on this stage in our lives and thinking ‘Once Upon A Time’…What kind of memories do you want to have  of today?

Wishing all of my readers a happy and blessed end of the week! TGI(almost)F!


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