The most amazing love story since Romeo and Juliet haha

I’ll Be Happy When…I am FINALLY Happy Now.


How easy it is to fall into Satan’s trap of wishing away our “right now” to look at our image of the future. The seasons of life–Summer, Fall Winter Spring–pass in a blur of “I’ll Be Happy When’s.”

I’ll Be Happy When…I don’t have to have a babysitter anymore and can stay home alone.

I’ll Be Happy When…I can sit in the front seat of the car and not the back like a baby.

I’ll Be Happy When…I ace this exam.

I’ll Be Happy When…my shots are over at the doctor’s and I get a milkshake.

I’ll Be Happy When…we drop my brother off at baseball practice and I can listen to MY favorite radio station.

I’ll Be Happy When…my braces come off.

And the bigger ones….

I’ll Be Happy When….I graduate from high school. And College. And graduate school.

I’ll Be Happy When…I fall in love. And get engaged. AND get married.

I’ll Be Happy When…we buy a huge house with a lot of acreage.

I’ll Be Happy When…we make a ton of money and get to travel the world/share the Gospel/buy ridiculously expensive things.

I’ll Be Happy When…We have kids. And those kids grow up & move out and we have peace and quiet–time for just us.

I’ll Be Happy When…My spouse retires and we have more time together.

Goodness, there are so many “when’s.” But those when’s may or may not ever occur! Our only guarantee is today; time is fleeting, and I believe it is each person’s responsibility to make the most of every day they are given until the final, “I’ll Be Happy When….”

I’ll Be Happy When…I finally get to Heaven and get to meet Jesus.

The whole rest of the list is so trivial when it comes to that last point–Meeting Jesus. That is what our whole life should center around. Our actions in this season (in every season) should reflect contentment and joy in His perfect plan for our lives (even if that plan doesn’t line up with our self-made one.) Instead, of “I’ll Be Happy When’s,” I want to have that “I am Happy Now” attitude, in all things, good and bad. What good can be found of TODAY–the gift of the present? What joy could you and I be missing out on if we focus on the “what’s next” above the “what’s now?”


I am Happy Now, because God loved me enough to send his only begotten Son to die on the cross for my sins and save me from the fiery depths of Hell.

I am Happy Now because no matter where this life takes me, I know I will spend my forever in Heaven with Him.

I am Happy Now, because I get the chance to be a wife and share God’s love with my husband, unconditionally, for this moment in time.

I am Happy Now, because I get to live in a new place (Oklahoma) and have new experiences and meet so many new people. I hope to touch their lives, even just a little, with some of the love that Christ has shared with me.

I am Happy Now, because  Jesus put me here, in this season, to overcome trials of many sorts; through His grace, I can exemplify grace to others. Through the challenges I overcome, I will become strong.

I am Happy Now because my life is not perfect; I can use each new opportunity as a learning opportunity to grow in the Spirit.

I am Happy Now because I know Jesus, even though I am not in Heaven yet. He wants to have a relationship with me here on this Earth as my best friend and savior, and He wants to have a relationship with you too!

What makes you happy now? I’ve found a lot of happiness comes down to perspective. Are we focusing on those “have not’s,” those ideas that we aren’t quite keeping up with the mythical Jones’ family? Or are we focusing on what we DO have, which is probably more plentiful than any of us realize on any given day–at least it is in my life!


If you had a Blessings Jar for each day, what would you put into it? There is at least one thing we can be thankful for every day (beyond just November!) I think I may start one for myself if anyone wants to join me on the pursuit of being Happy Now. It’s easy–no real lead up or planning- you just simply Be. 🙂




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