The most amazing love story since Romeo and Juliet haha

Stitch Fix # 1

Well, Amanda finally jumped on the bandwagon of Stitch Fix, and it is AMAZING! I am already in love. If you haven’t heard of Stitch Fix, it is a personalized new way to shop! You get a personalized stylist and request 5 items each month which are conveniently mailed right to your doorstep in a Stitch Fix box. They will include items you request and some surprises too! The stylist fee is $20 whether or not you make a purchase, so it makes sense to purchase something. If you purchase ALL of the items in your box, you get a really nice discount!

Confession: This is actually my second Stitch Fix. My first box came in December, but I was so excited I just tore into it immediately and didn’t take pictures! Thus, this is the first Stitch Fix on the blog.

*Advance Warning: My hair is an absolute mess in these pictures! We had just taken a nice brisk walk in the sunshine and combined with trying on several outfits, please grant me some grace!

So, without further ado here is what came in my January Fix!

  1. Lovappella Michelle Cross Back Knit Top
This one wasn’t my usual style, but I tried it on to see if I would like it better. The fit was perfect, but the cut out back was not ideal for certain settings such as work! With my limited after-holiday budget, I knew I wanted more versatile pieces that I could transition to weekend casual wear to the workplace to date night. Therefore, even though I loved the plum color, I went ahead and returned it.
2. Liverpool Mira Skinny Jean
I wish I had a better picture of these awesome black pants which are a combination of pants/leggings! They fit me PERFECTLY, which is  great because it can be hard for me to find well fitting pants. I used to work at American Eagle and got most of my jeans there, which was nice, but they don’t fit me as well since I’ve gotten older. These pants (despite not having a zipper or buttons!) are so comfortable and will transition well from work to home to date night based on the clothes I pair them with! They are pictured here with the top from No. 1. This classic piece was an easy definite keeper!
3. Crescent Palmerston Double Breasted Knit Blazer
I knew immediately when pulling this piece from the box that it was going to be too small for me, and sadly it was. While I liked the navy color, the fit was all off, and I didn’t like the top part. Easy return.
4. Brixon Ivy Kessie Faux Wrap Dress
Now, this was an ALMOST keeper! I loved the turquoise and blue colors, and I thought this dress accentuated my figure well. I could easily see it being a summer staple, and I could put a cardigan over it for Springtime also, per my stylist’s suggestion. However, it was just a little bit too big, and I could have easily stood to go down one size. Since this was the case, and I was already buying the jeans. I decided the $64 just wasn’t worth it for a piece I would need to have altered.
5. Gilli Kamile Jersey Ruched Detail Dress
My last piece was the same beautiful plum color, and I loved the fit of it! However, I have other similar pieces in my closet, and I felt it was a little too plain/not different enough to warrant the expenditure. This one went back in the box!
January Stitch Fix Summary
Liverpool Mira Skinny Jean
Lovappella Michelle Cross Back Knit Top
Crescent Palmerston Double Breasted Knit Blazer
Brixon Ivy Kessie Faux Wrap Dress
Gilli Kamile Jersey Ruched Detail Dress
$78 (with styling fee!)
I am already eagerly anticipating my February Fix! I am currently on a monthly Stitch Fix schedule, but you can tailor the schedule’s frequency to fulfill your fashion needs or “skip” a box if your budget is tight one month! Next month, I think I might ask for a fun Valentine’s outfit, so please stay tuned! I would also love some shoes, but sadly, they don’t deliver those to my area just yet, so I may be hitting the Mall the old fashioned way!!
If you are debating whether or not to try Stitch Fix, I say GO FOR IT! I waited for over a year to give it a shot after reading other bloggers’ reviews, and I must say it is so much fun with really no commitment because you can cancel at any time. Please tell them I recommended you if you give it a shot, and I will get a little fashion credit. 🙂

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