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A Letter to My Future Child


I read an article sometime this week that suggested a list of 20 things to do before you have kids. Since Luke and I have only been married a year or so, I was all about reading that list and finding some new and adventurous things to do together before adding to our little family. I saw several of the usual things such as take a really exciting vacation (we are hoping for Italy around our five-year anniversary!), splurge on special gifts for yourselves while simultaneously saving all of the money that you can for your future children, and enjoy a few “last nights out on the town” with friends. It also suggested something I had not thought of doing before; write a letter to your future child(ren) and explain who you are right at this very time and who you want to be when you are a parent. The writer in me was intrigued by this particular challenge, so here goes.

To my future son/daughter:

You are not even here yet and already Mommy and Daddy love you so much; just the idea of you makes us smile and long for the day when the time will be right for us to meet you. We have so many amazing plans for you; if you are at all into sports and athletic (unlike your mother, unfortunately), your Daddy will be the most amazing Coach. I think about that every time I see him with a little one; he is so kind, sweet and playful with our friend’s three-year-old daughter named Emily and some of our little cousins. He is so big and strong and tall, and I know you will be safe in his arms. Plus, he can lift you up on his shoulders to see so much of the world that you won’t be able to see otherwise!

Sometimes we dream about you and come up with names; some are funny such as Brad Bradshaw or Jack Daniels Bradshaw; (don’t worry! These are jokes.)  But some really do cause us to ponder and push the mental save button for a later date when naming you is more of our reality and less of a dream.

So many people have asked us when we will have you, but we know that the time has to be right–for you and for us. You deserve to have the best possible parents, and we are still forming into those people just for you. We need to continue to mature and grow together in our love for one another and for Jesus in order to love you perfectly. So, my answer to that is, you are still a few years away, but we hope those years will fly by quickly, because we truly cannot wait to meet you.

Right now, your Daddy is working hard on his Army career. He just got moved into a new job as the Executive Officer of a new battery. We will miss all of our good friends from his old unit, but the best thing about the military is learning to adapt to change and meet new friends while keeping in touch with the old; there are so many amazing people in this world if you have an open heart and acceptance for change! And, let me let you in on a little secret: one can never have too many friends! I hope that we can teach you these skills some day.  Your Daddy is so smart and such a hard worker too. This is a wonderful opportunity, and I know he will do great things in this job. I hope that you inherit some of his work ethic and leadership ability.

Your Mommy is working hard to finish graduate school; it is a long, arduous road sometimes, but I am going to finish it. I have to finish it, for you and for me. I want to show you the value of hard work and perseverance so that you too will achieve your dreams. When the time comes for you to be here with us, Daddy and I want to be financially secure to give you a good and loving home and to meet all of your physical needs. That is not to say we will give you everything you ever want; but we want to give you enough to give you an amazing start in this world in a safe and secure environment. My education takes a lot of time right now; your Daddy is so patient with me because we don’t get to see each other too often, but that is OK– I know that I have to finish my schooling now so that we can devote plenty of time to you later, when you are here with us, crying and keeping us awake all night as I know you are bound to do :). I am scheduled to graduate this December, and then I am going to start looking into PhD programs near Army bases, to continue down my path of becoming a University professor.

We are not sure where the next few years will take us, but we do know that God has a perfect plan for our family, and one day that family will include you! We are hoping to have a house with a beautiful nursery and maybe a pet or two by the time you arrive. We are already putting money aside to achieve this dream; sometimes, when we see other little babies, (which happens to me on a daily basis in my line of work at a pediatric office,) I want to rush things and meet you NOW. Babies are so adorable and innocent, just as you will be, and my heart melts each time I see a newborn; but I know we have to wait for a little while because it is the right thing to do for so many reasons. Some of the best and most beautiful things in life are worth waiting for. I have certainly found that to be true in my marriage to your Daddy, and I am beyond grateful that we waited to find one another. After we met, we then waited for more than 2.5 years to get married, when the time was right. And that is how it has to be with you, too.

So I must say goodbye for now, little one. But, please know that we are praying for you even now; that when the time is right we will be the most perfect parents for you with God’s grace and divine guidance. And, know that we love you very, very much; despite your Daddy’s tough exterior, I think you will have him wrapped around your little finger in no time at all. 😉

Love always,

Your future Mommy


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One thought on “A Letter to My Future Child

  1. Bridget Black on said:

    This almost brought tears to my eyes! When you do have children you both are going to be amazing, loving parents. Praying for you both on your journey as a married couple. God Bless.

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