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Life as we know it

I have not been diligent with blogging, but for all of our friends and family (at least those of you out there who actually take the time to read our little blog,) here’s a glimpse into life as we know it:

The New Year started off with a bang, or rather a quiet evening at home! Luke worked so hard to make it the perfect day. I had originally wanted to go out to celebrate with a fancy dinner and watching the peach drop in Atlanta, but he knows me best. After a long day at work, I wanted nothing more than to fall right into bed! He cooked steaks on the grill and some veggies, and we stayed in and watched movies together until the ball dropped. So much fun.


New Years

Then, we entered wedding season early, with Liz and Alex Mileshko’s big day in Mobile, AL early in January. We enjoyed road trippin’ it down to Mobile to celebrate with them! They had such a cool getaway car, that we could not resist getting a photo beside it. This was such a fun weekend, catching up with some of my sorority sisters.

Liz and Alex wedding


Then, came a week full of snow days; Luke ended up coming home from the field early for two of them! I still went into work though. Such is life at a pediatric office; kids are bound to still get sick. But, we did enjoy some cozy mornings sleeping in together and eating home-cooked breakfast for once 🙂


Reality kicked in, and Luke was back to the field for another week. But, my sweet friend Nikki and I went on a shopping spree all over town to decorate our apartment to surprise Luke upon his return! I have been remiss in posting photos of our first little “nest” together, but here are a couple after our trip to Kirkland’s, Pier One, Target, and a couple of hundred dollars later (oops!) Luke was very surprised, and this project helped me to pass the time while he was gone. Gotta love girls’ nights/shopping!


Here is one of our dining area. ^^ Thanks to all of the friends and family who bought us our lovely place settings for the wedding!

living room

Our living room! To the left in the photo is the door that goes out to our little patio. Most days, we just use it as the “front door” since we live on the first level. It is an open concept and leads right into the dining area pictured above.

entertainment center

And (excuse the terrible lighting here), the awesome entertainment center we got from IKEA. The walls are so large here that we needed something to actually fill the space. And, of course I had to fill all of the little cubbies with cute, colorful things. Since the photo, Luke has upgraded to a bigger TV for his “bday gift”– along with another gun and several other things 🙂

In addition, we have a man cave, guest bedroom and the master bedroom as well as two bathrooms. These are still works in progress, but I will do a complete apartment post later on.

We got the apartment fixed up to the point where we could have a bridal shower here for my co-worker Bethany! During another weekend when Luke was off for training, Nikki and I were able to pull of the surprise and have all of our coworkers over here. She had a blast!

Bethany shower 1Bethany shower 2Bethany shower 3

shower 3

Of course, we celebrated Luke’s birthday in February with a Newlywed Game Night. We had several couples over– Sean and Amy Rabe, Josh and soon-to-be Emily Money, Kevin and Rachel Sampler, Will and soon-to-be Jessica Tilson, and Jenae and Greg Young. We had a blast playing this game and enjoying all of our favorite snacks and drinks.

Luke bday cake

His favorite — cookie cake, all the way from Auburn. Who knew Columbus didn’t have a Great American Cookie Company? Boo.

Luke bday 2

Love this guy ❤

The following weekend was the military ball with 3-1 Cav. For the past 15 months, Luke was attached to an armor unit, even though he is a Field Artillery officer. This was our last major event with 3-1, and we certainly had a blast. We will miss all of the great people that we met in this unit. It truly was the BEST first unit one could ever hope for in the Army, and we really enjoyed the mentorship of the other officers and their wives.

Luke and Manda 3-1 ball

Going to miss that Stetson..It’s an armor thing, but I really liked the hat. Luke, however, will probably be happier without it.

3-1 Ball

Love those girls…We will miss them so much now that our husbands are no longer in the same unit. At least, they aren’t too far away 🙂

St. Patty’s Day came and went, and par for the course, Luke had a three-day weekend while I had to work. (I cannot really begrudge him that time since he works SO MANY 24-hour days and has a LOT of field time.) But, we made the most of it at PMG. Several of us girls dressed in green for the occasion.

St pattys


Dr. DeRamus, Ph.D. (my favorite  lunch date every Friday; she appreciates good Mexican food too), Caroline Wade the social worker, and Bethany, one of our nurses.

We have also been trying to make the most of the time we have with Jess and Will before they graduate from Auburn University and move to Huntsville to begin their lives as a married couple. Therefore, we have been trying to get together at least once a week while they live so close. Here was a particularly fun trip, hiking for the day around Providence Canyon (the mini “grand canyon” in AL)

Providence Canyon

And, what’s a good marriage without a little alone time? We have been trying to get date nights in each week. We especially enjoy our Wed. night church services together. We went up to ATL for one weekend and enjoyed the aquarium and shopping, although I cannot find any photos from that trip :/

One weekend, he also treated me to a nice dinner at Buckhead Grill (one of the best places in town, in my humble opinion,) and a movie. We have become regular movie fiends actually and have started going every Tuesday to catch the latest movie at the Carmike, when concessions are on sale at a special price. It’s becoming a fun tradition!

Anyway, here is the delicious creme brulee from Buckhead. If you are ever in Columbus, you MUST try it:

creme brulee

And, like any normal couple, we run errands together! Grocery shopping is more fun together– although, Luke much prefers I go alone haha.

grocery list

We stay fairly busy with two full-time jobs, my grad school and my early attempts at writing a novel, but we make the most of the time we do get! For now, it’s just the two of us, although we did seriously consider adopting this adorable ferret that showed up on our patio just a couple of weeks ago.


He didn’t quite mesh with our lifestyle though; he rejected Luke’s french fry offering, squirmed into every single nook and cranny in our apartment — right up to burrowing  a hole INSIDE the under part of our couch–, and exacerbating my allergies after only one night in the same space. Luke took him to the vet for a check up and then handed him over to a sweet lady in town who helps lost ferrets find homes through Facebook. She had a cage for him and all of the food that he likes, so we hope his owner finds him soon. He was temporarily named Oscar 🙂

We truly feel so blessed and fortunate during this chapter in our lives as newlyweds.We have some AMAZING friends here, and we enjoy every moment with them because we know how fast the time goes. We try and double date one or two times each week, which is always such a treat.

Here was Cosmic Bowling with Rachel and Kevin:

Cosmic Bowling

Rachel and Amanda

So Kevin isn’t actually pictured, but now that Luke has transitioned units back to the 1-10 Field Artillery (effective April 1st), those two will be working in the same battery. We are looking forward to seeing a lot more of Rachel and Kevin, including a fun upcoming Memorial Day weekend couples’ beach trip!!

Another favorite couple: The Youngs.


Recently, we all had a blast at the Columbus Cottonmouths’ ice hockey game!

And, I can always count on so many sweet people to help me with my very hectic   fun work events promoting Preferred Medical Group. At our recent Easter Egg Hunt and Family Fun Night, Jenae was right there as the raffle prize announcer, and Luke and Greg were working the grill to help us sell more than 100 hotdogs to hungry attendees. We had nearly 400 kids in attendance, so the help was so appreciated.

Egg HUnt kids

**Can I just point out that I have the best husband in the world for always supporting me in these endeavors?

Egg Hunt Luke

There he was, bravely handing out goody bags as hundreds of kids stormed the table.

And, here is the group of PMG volunteers. If you are like me, and you like to put names to faces, from R to L, we have Nikki, Bethany, Dr. Chandra (the founder), April, and me.

Egg HUnt group


Well, that’s it for now. This extremely long update shows life as we know it!

We are currently looking forward to Easter weekend in Huntsville with my parents, Memorial Day at the beach, the weddings of three couples who are very special to us — Emily Malone and Josh Money at the end of April, Jon Teague and Laura Moose in May and Jessica and Will in June. Also, we have a late summer/early Fall anniversary cruise plan in the works 🙂

Wishing anyone who read this all the way to the end a SAFE and HAPPY EASTER!!




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