The most amazing love story since Romeo and Juliet haha

First day of school butterflies and such…

There is nothing quite like the first day of school! All of those brand new textbooks sitting on a shelf, brightly colored notebooks with crisp, unturned pages and all of your classmates walking across the Quad again with tans left over from summer and beautiful “first day” outfits and haircuts. It’s also the best day to people-watch all year, because most people make some sort of effort to look nice when going to class, even if it’s just applying some lipstick and ditching the Nike short/T-shirt sorority girl uniform for the day. (Except the pledges of course, who are rocking their brand new tanks with pride haha.) But I still think it’s a fun tradition to dress up a little for the first day. And, it’s also the only guaranteed day that every student will be in class!! After that first day, many students may never even return to certain classes. So like I said, the first day is the BEST day to people-watch. It’s so fun to see who has changed over summer, who has stayed the same and who could really care less about the first day of school!
Me? Well, I have always loved the first day of school. I love wearing a new outfit bought on a summer shopping spree, meeting new professors, new class friends and encountering some of the campus celebrities- term coined by Katherine Owen and Chloe from READ – and starting all of my extracurricular activities again like READ Alabama, SPJ, the Academic Honor Council, Business Executive magazine, and this year, Alpine Living, which I think I am MOST excited about. Alpine Living is a travel magazine sponsored by the journalism department at UA, and each year the staff travels to a location in the Alps for a period of two weeks, including Spring Break, and puts together an entire magazine complete with photos and stories during the trip. We are going to Spain this Spring, and I could not be more excited about this new adventure!

Anyway, if you could not tell by now, I am a little bit of a nerd haha and just to clarify, Luke is the exact opposite! He hates school, and dreads the first day, which I just can’t understand! How can you not like the first day of school?! Especially the first day of SENIOR YEAR?! Haha As they say, opposites attract, I guess!
Hoping everyone (especially all of my nerdy friends) has a great first day today!


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