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West Point graduation and summer leave

Well a LOT has happened since I last blogged. I am not the best at keeping up-to-date in the huge, wide world of blogging, but at least my habitual procrastination allows me to post a mega update on the life of Luke and I. So it is July 2, obviously, and Luke has graduated from West Point and is now serving as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army. I would be remiss if I did not post some pictures from USMA Grad Week, so see below.

Friday was the graduation parade, where all of the cadets marched onto the parade field, and then the graduating class of 2012 symbolically separated from the Corps of Cadets. After the parade, we had a photo shoot with the famous Jill Knight!

Group picture! From L to R: Uncle Tom, Aunt Brenda, Kevin Bradshaw (Luke’s dad), Samuel Bradshaw (brother), Amanda Sams, Luke Bradshaw, Sally Bradshaw (his mom), Aunt Susie, Aunt Mary and Milos
Photo Credit: Jill Knight (

This is one of my favorite pictures of Luke and I while he is wearing his cadet uniform.
Photo Credit: Jill Knight (

Photo Credit: Jill Knight (

That night was our last West Point formal banquet. Such a bittersweet time.

After a very late night, we got up early the next morning and were in the stadium by 7 a.m. for the graduation ceremony itself. Despite an extremely hot day, there was nowhere else in the world I would have rather been. I know that we will remember this day for the rest of our lives.

A few hours later, he was officially commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Army. Colonel Crowe (Luke’s mentor in high school) flew all the way up from North Carolina to perform the commissioning ceremony. It took place  in front of the George Washington statue at West Point.

His mom and I pinning the “butter bars” on his uniform!

It’s official! Luke Bradshaw is an officer, and I have never been so proud to be his girl.

And then the rain came pouring down, so his first picture as a 2Lt was taken quickly when he was already soaked, but I still think he looks very handsome.

After graduation, we took a little road trip down to Annapolis, Maryland to watch Luke’s childhood best friend, Jon Teague, graduate from the United States Naval Academy. We really enjoyed spending time with Jon and his girlfriend, Laura.

We then headed to Hickory, NC to see Luke’s parents for a few days. After a short stint in Indianapolis for a leadership conference, I went back to work in Huntsville, and Luke joined me a few days later for our two-year anniversary of dating.  We went to Connor’s Steak and Seafood at Bridge Street and then went to see the movie ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’ with Cameron Diaz (such a funny movie!). It was a pretty great date, since our first date ever on June 5, 2010 was actually dinner and a movie at Bridge Street.

He has been spending the rest of his summer leave with me at my parents’ house, and we have had many adventures in our month together including (but not limited to): meeting two of our best friends, Will and Jess, at this cute French restaurant in Birmingham, going to a wedding celebration BBQ for friends from work, cooking together, eating Mexican several times (yay for me!! Not so exciting for him), and spending a weekend in Gulf Shores with Will and Jess. Luke actually got the worst sunburn of his life during this trip, but it was wonderful, just the same.

We have also fit in a week at Edgewater Beach Resort in Panama City Beach, a birthday celebration dinner for my younger brother, Ethan and a surprise visit up to Hickory, NC to see Luke’s parents again. (Pictures to come later!)

We have three days left until he has to leave for Fort Sill, Oklahoma to begin BOLC (basic officer’s training). We are planning to make the most of these next few days, including a date tonight (You guessed it: I want Mexican again lol) and a 4th of July celebration. I am off of work all day on the 4th, so we will get to spend the entire day (and Luke’s favorite holiday) together. It has been so fun to be a “normal” couple for this past month, and I know it is not a month I will soon forget.

More later.


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2 thoughts on “West Point graduation and summer leave

  1. Christian Motz on said:

    I just wanted to tell Luke Congrats! Amanda you could have not meet a better man! I am so happy for you! And I know we have not got to hang out in so long! But I am so happy to be able to call you one of my best friends! We have been through so much. And I just want you to know I will always be here for you! I am so proud of the woman you have become! I CAN’T wait to see you! 

    Love always 
    Christian Motz

  2. Laura Leonard on said:

    So happy for you both, Amanda! Your blog is so cute!! Hope you enjoy the rest of your time together!

    Alpha Love,

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