The most amazing love story since Romeo and Juliet haha


To some of you, the amount of exclamation points following the sweetest name in the world to me right now may seem a bit excessive. But when we found out Luke got Fort Benning, Georgia at Post Night last Thursday, I wanted to leap in the air from joy! I wanted to shoot off fireworks or scream from the ledge of a cliff just to express to the world how excited I am that this LONG DISTANCE relationship from Alabama to New York is taking a change of course for the better. Instead, I sat in my seat and screamed silently inside, thanking God for this amazing opportunity to be only THREE hours apart instead of 17! That’s not even a plane flight!!

Of course my camera inconveniently died on Post Night, so the pictures I am posting below are thanks to a couple of really sweet USMA girlfriends who were nice enough to capture our moment of joy.

Haha he is daring the guys in front of him to even think about choosing one of the 2 Benning slots!

Luke and I holding up his Fort Benning poster! We were so happy.

This is probably a very small triumph in the grand scheme of things, but it certainly triggered the mood for the rest of our amazing weekend together in New York. After 4 1/2 weeks apart we were more than ready to be together again, even if only for a weekend, and to know that in 9 short months we will be within DRIVING DISTANCE of each other was really exciting news. BENNING!!!! Haha ok I am done….Moving on….

Post Night was Thursday, and Friday night was St. Barbara’s a “ball” for all of the Field Artillery officers/firsties and their dates. It was held at the Officers’ Club at West Point, which I had never been to before. All of the guys or “red legs” wore their red socks with their dress gray uniforms, and everything looked so nice. I loved meeting some of the other guys in his branch.

In his room, getting ready to go!

At our table! I really liked this picture of us :

One more! We had such an amazing time!

As part of Field Artillery tradition, all of the cadets were asked to try a secret recipe of “grog” (haha basically a bunch of alcohol mixed together in a large pot!) Luke and his friends dutifully downed a cup of the stuff, but their faces are priceless.

The “aftershock” from the grog!

St. Barbara’s was a lot of fun! The next day, Saturday, Luke took me ice skating on Bear Mountain and then to dinner and a movie at the Palisades Mall. Ice skating outdoors in New York around sunset was absolutely awesome! He did really well planning the perfect romantic date :]

Ice skating on Bear Mountain with my favorite guy

We were proud of ourselves for not falling down at all..although there were a few close calls…

All in all, we had an awesome weekend together! And we have a very short countdown this time…Only one more week until we reunite for President’s Day weekend..He gets 4 days off from West Point, so he is coming down to see me in Tuscaloosa next Thursday night..I know we will have another fun filled weekend, with our delayed Valentine’s Day celebration as well as an overnight visit from two of our best friends, Jessica and Will.

7 days….! (and a little less than 9 months until….BENNNINNGG!!!)


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