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Back to Reality…

Christmas Break is over, and I have no idea where the last 2 weeks went. All that I know is I am back at my parents’ house in Huntsville, Ala., and Luke is really far away at West Point settling in for another semester (albeit his last!) We had an amazing vacation together though, and we definitely made some great memories.

It was fun to just be a normal couple for once: cooking dinner together at night, and cuddling in front of the TV in the evenings. We got to set up the Christmas tree together at my house, and we double dated some with my brother and his girlfriend, which was a lot of fun. Every day Luke got up early to make my family breakfast, and every day we got to decide what to do for my lunch break at work and what to do for dinner. We developed something of a routine, that I am missing right now.

He came down to visit for the first half of the break, which extended through Christmas. We enjoyed celebrating with my family this year!

Luke and I with our gifts to each other! I made him the Atlanta Braves blanket

Our pretty tree

Then we went to his house for New Year’s in North Carolina. We had a great time up there! We got to see his 91-year-old grandmother and stay the night with her one night, and ¬†once again it was like we were just a normal couple (with neither of us having to go to work!) We got to spend 24 hours a day together up there, and I think we made the most of it. We had several dinners with his parents, brothers and grandma, and built a bonfire one night. We rang in the new year with sparkling grape juice.

Last night, Luke decided to do something extra special for me since it was our last night together. In the afternoon he gave me a single orangey pink rose. He said it was specially made and the florist had to dye and freeze it to make it look that way. I promptly broke it of course (accidentally), and he pulled another one out and handed it to me! Haha it made me laugh that he was so prepared and knows me so well. That night after dinner, we looked at his old family photo albums for an hour or two, and then when everyone went to sleep, he poured us glasses of wine and lit the fireplace and some candles in the living room. We danced for about a half hour, and it was so sweet that he was being so romantic for me. It was the perfect way to end the break (if it had to end at all..which apparently it did. Since I am here and he is there).

I miss him already, but he has promised to call me tonight, and we may get to see each other in just 2 short weeks for Martin Luther King Jr. weekend. We both get a three-day weekend, so we may go back to NC to visit his family again. His grandma really isn’t doing so well, so we’d like to spend some more time with her. If he can’t get a pass that weekend though, I will still get to see him soon in just 4 weeks. I am flying up there for his Post Night and St. Barbara’s Ball, which is held for all of the Field Artillery guys. In the meantime, dress shopping!! I need something pretty, red and expensive. :]

More soon.


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